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Forbidden Alliance -- Diana Cosby
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Forbidden Alliance -- Diana Cosby
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Forbidden Vow -- Diana Cosby
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MacGruder's Brothers Box Set -- Diana Cosby

MacGruder Brothers Series

BUY the MacGruder Brothers Series Box Set at:

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Kensington Publishing Corp.
For our international readers:
Amazon.com (Canada)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon.fr (France)
Amazon.de (Germany)

Amazon.it  (Italy)
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Amazon.co.ja  (Japan)
Amazon.com.au (Australia)

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“I love Diana Cosby's Oath Series and MacGruder Brothers Series!!!” — Barb Batlan-Massabrook, Reviewer

“The MacGruder Brothers Series is beyond amazing!” — KElizabeth, GA, USA

“His Captive is a great start to the amazing MacGruder Brothers Series by Diana Cosby!” — Rhonda Kirby, TN, USA

“I loved the MacGruder Brothers Series, truly epic!” — Maria Rose, Canada

“The MacGruder Brothers Series is fabulous!” — Roni Denholtz, Award Winning Author

"I love the MacGruder brothers series." - Petra Simmons, North Carolina, USA

“I finished all of the books in The MacGruder Brothers series. As I read I could see everything playing out before my eyes like in a movie. There are only a select few authors that can do that and you are one of them.

I love your books Diana Cosby! :)” — Alison Pridie, Canada

“I loved the whole MacGruder Brothers series!” — Maria McIntyre, CA, USA

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