5th International Food Bank Food Drive Challenge

It's the holidays again, an emotion-filled time where it seems there are not enough hours in each day to fit everything in, not to mention dealing with the struggling economy.  But, in this time of financial challenges, I ask each of you to please consider one more stop on your crazy to do list, that of making a donation to a local food bank.  Your donation can be a dollar, apples, a turkey, whatever you can give.  Anything you can offer to those with nothing is a gift they didn't have.

I volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, and something amazing happens when you allow a person a flicker of hope, that somehow, incredibly, even a stranger understands that at times life shoves us onto a road we never asked for.

In 2010 in addition to my personal donation to my local food bank, I decided to start a Food Bank Challenge, except it wonderfully got out of hand.  Once I posted The Food Bank Challenge on my Facebook page and my Facebook fan page, people from across the U.S. began donating to their local food banks.  Then, my Facebook pages received posts of donations from Canada — the Food Bank Challenge went international!  Since then, donations for the International Food Bank Food Challenge have been made in numerous countries.  And you know what, this is truly a blessing.  In this venture, we all win.  Gifts from the heart do that, they fill you, remind you there is good in the world, and that you can make a positive and profound difference in others’ lives.

How it works:


Diana Cosby’s – Romance Reader’s Build A Habitat For Humanity Home Challenge

There’s almost nothing better than curling up with a good book on a chilly day, especially with one of Diana Cosby’s romantic suspense novels set in medieval Scotland. But one thing even better is building a warm, safe, and secure Habitat house for a deserving family.  It gives families more than just a home; it provides a foundation on which to start their future and build their dreams.

Diana’s readers have an opportunity to build such a house.

How it works: 
As readers send contributions to Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County, the bookshelf will fill with every donation. The goal is to fund an entire home - $55,000.  Send your donation via PayPal using the Donate link in the menu bar or donate funds the old-fashioned way—a check works just fine!

Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County
901 N. Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 2725
Sherman, TX 75091

Watch the bookshelf as it fills with colorful books!
*Readers groups, please challenge others to match your donation! 
*I’m kicking off the challenge with a donation of $200!



1st  5th annual International Food Bank Food Drive  kicks off at the USA Today’s Happy Ever After.
1st  through the 30th  Featured author for the month on Booktalk with Eileen.
29th  A Romantic Twist.

3rd        Mo’s Book Buzz.
4th        Romance Lives Forever
7th        The Self-Rescue Princess.
8th        Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal.
8th        Guest blogger with Mary Gramlich.


23rd      Book signing at the BOOKTRADER, Hamilton, NJ.  (Meet with the Book Club:  10am – Noon.)

24th      1PM – 3PM  Book Signing at Books-A-Million, Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
24th      1PM – 3PM  Book Signing at Books-A-Million, Egg Harbor Township, NJ.


15th  Keynote Speaker at the Heart of Louisiana annual, “Fall in Readers' Luncheon,” in 2014.

3rd or 4th  Holiday book panel Millville, NJ. 

10th          Speaking at the book club at the University and Whist club, DE. 

2nd      Speaking at Valley Forge Romance Writers.

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Photos from Diana's Booksigning

Diana with Nora Roberts Dec 2007

Diana signing at
Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe

Diana in front of the
Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe

Sandi and Marybeth, friends who attended
Diana's booksigning

Authors at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe
from left to right:
Rebecca York, Diana Cosby, Mary H. Rubin, Tracey
Anne Warren, Jason & Nora Roberts.