4 October 2006

Medieval Scotland; Medieval England; Knights & Castles; Medieval Churches and Abbeys; Herbs, Medieval Medicine; Fey, Druids, Witchcraft & Mythology; Police; Psychology/Self-Study; Writing; ; Vikings; Miscellaneous
Denotes books I use often in my research.
Medieval Scotland

Aitken, Hannah
    .A Forgotten Heritage  Original Folk Tales of Lowland Scotland
Anderson, Janice & Hurst, Swingle, Edmund
    .Scottish Walks and Legends  Western Scotland and The Highlands
Bain, Robert
    .The Clans And Tartans of Scotland
Barron, Evan Macleod
    .Highland and Lowland  Scotland's Debt To The Highlands
    .The Scottish War of Independence Excellent book!
Barrow, G. W. S. [All Books]
    .Kingship And Unity  Scotland 1000 - 1306
    .Robert Bruce & The Community of The Realm of Scotland
    .Scotland And Its Neighbors In The Middle Ages
Black, George F.
    .The SURNAMES Of Scotland
Boyd, Halbert J.
    .Strange Tales of the Borders Old and New
Brown, Michael
    .The Black Douglases
Costly, Sarah & Kightly, Charles
    .A Celtic Book Of Days
Cruden, Stewart [All Books]
    .Scottish Abbeys  An Introduction to the medieval Abbeys and Priories of Scotland
    .The Scottish Castle
Cummings, John
    .The Hound and the Hawk
Digby, Ian

Donaldson, Gordon
    .Scotland James V - James VII [The Edinburgh History of Scotland Vol 3]
Dunbar, J. Telfer
The Costume of Scotland
Duncan, A.A.M.
    .Scotland  The Making of the Kingdom [The Endinburgh History of Scotland Vol I]
Durham, Keith & McBride, Angus
    .The Border Reivers [Men-At-Arms Series 279]
Dyer, Christopher
    .Standards of living in the later Middle Ages  Social change in England c.1200-1520
Ewan, Elizabeth
    .Townlife in Fourteenth-Century Scotland
Fallow, Jeff
    .Old Scotland New Scotland
Ferguson, William
    .Scotland  689 to the Present [The Edinburgh History of Scotland Vol 4]
Fraser, George MacDonald
One of my all time favorite books!
    .The Steel Bonnets  The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers
Grant, I. F. and Cheape, Hugh
    .Periods in Highland History
Gray, D. J.
    .William Wallace  The King's Enemy
Grant, Alexander & Stringer, Keith J.
    .Medieval Scotland  Crown, Lordship and Community
Jarrold Colour Publications, Norwich
    .The Scottish Highlands
Keen, Maurice
    .The Outlaws of Medieval Legend
Kynoch, Douglas
    .Scottish [Doric]-English/English Scottish [Doric] Concise Dictionary
Lamont-Brown, Raymond
    .Scottish Folklore
Livingstone, Sheila
    .Scottish Customs
Lynch, Michael
    SCOTLAND A New History
MacGregor, Alexander
    .The Fueds of the Clans:  Highland Families in Conflict 1307 - 1679
MacKinnon, Charles
    .Scottish Highlanders
Mack, James Logan
   .The Border Line -- Solway Firth to the North Sea
Mackay, James
    .William Wallace  Brave Heart
McNeill, F. Marian 
    .The Scots Cellar
    .The Scots Kitchen
    .The Silver Bough Volume One Scottish Folk-Lore and Folk Belief
McDonald, R. Andrew & Cowan E. J.

    .Alba  Celtic Scotland In The Medieval Era
McKisack, May

    .The Fourteenth Century 1307 -1399
McNamee, Colm
    .The Wars Of The Bruces  Scotland, England And Ireland 1306 -1328
McNeill, Peter G. B. & MacQueen, Hector L.
    .Atlas of Scottish History to 1707
Moncreiffe, Sir Iain
    .Clan Map 'Scotland of Old'
Nicholson, Ranald
    .Scotland  The Later Middle Ages [The Edinburgh History of Scotland Vol 2]
Porter, Miss Jane
    .The Scottish Chiefs or, The Life Of Sir William Wallace
Powicke, Sir Maurice

    .The Thirteenth Century  1216 -1307
Prebble, John
    .The Lion in the North
Renton R. W. and MacDonald J. A.
    .Scottish Gaelic-English/English-Scottish Gaelic Dictionary
Ritchie, Anna
    .Viking Scotland
Rothero, Christopher
    .The Scottish And Welsh Wars 1250-1400
Sadler, John
    .Scottish Battles  From Mons Graupius To Culloden
Schofield, William Henry
    Mythical Bards and The Life Of William Wallace
Scott, Ronald McNair

    .Robert The Bruce  King Of Scots
Scott, Sir Walter
    .Minstrelsy of The Scottish Border
Sims, Clifford Stanley
    .The Origin and Significations of Scottish Surnames  With A Vocabulary of
     Christian Names
Soper, Tony

   .A Companion To The British Countryside
Stead, Michael j. & Young, Alan
    .In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce
Sutherland, Elizabeth
    .Five Euphemias  Woman In Medieval Scotland 1200 -1420
Warner, Philip
[All Books]
    .Famous Scottish Battles
    .Famous Welsh Battles
Way, George
    .Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia
Yeoman, Peter
[All Books]
    .Medieval Scotland  An Archaeological Perspective
    .Pilgrimage In Medieval Scotland
Young, Alan
    .Robert The Bruce's Rivals:  The Comyns, 1212 -1314

Medieval England

Abel, Linda
    .The Medieval Chronical [*This medieval newsletter is no longer in publication.]
Barrow, G. W. S.

    .Feudal Britan
Black, Maggie
    .The Medieval Cookbook

Cosman, Madeleine Pelner
    .Medieval Wordbook

Cummins, John
    .The Hound and the Hawk  The art of Medieval Hunting

Dyer, Christopher
    .Standards of living in the later Middle Ages  Social change in England c.1200-1520
Gies, Joseph and Frances

    .Life In A Medieval City
    .Live In A Medieval Village
    .Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages
    .Women In The Middle Ages
Hartley, Dorothy

    .Food In England
Hopkins, Andrea
    .Chronicles of King Arthur
Houston, Mary G.

    .Medieval Costume in England & France
Keen, Maruice
    .The Outlaws of Medieval Legend
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
    .The Writer's Guide To Everyday Life in the Middle Ages  British Isles from 500 to

Landstrom, Bjorn

    .The Ship
McCall, Andrew
    .The Medieval Underworld
McKisack, May

    .The Fourteenth Century 1307 -1399
Powicke, Sir Maurice

    .The Thirteenth Century  1216 -1307
Prestwich, Michael
[All books]
    .Documents Illustrating The Crisis of 1297 -98 In England
    .Edward I
    .The Three Edwards  War And State In England 1272 -1377
    .The Welsh Wars of Edward I
Rawston, Hugh

    .Wicked Words  A Treasury of curses, insults, put-downs and other formerly
      unprintable terms from the Anglo-Saxon times to the present

Smith, Edwin,  Hutton, Graham & Cook, Olive
    .English Parish Churches
Soper, Tony
    .A Companion To The British Countryside

Quennell, Marjorie & C. H. B.

    .A History of Everyday Things in England [*All four volumes]
Watson, Fiona

    .Under The Hammer  Edward I and Scotland 1286 -1307
Yalden, Derek

    .The History of British Mammals

Knights & Castles

Biesty's, Stephen
    .Cross-Sections  Castle
Bottomley, Frank

    .The Castle Explorer's Guide
Edge, David & Paddock, John Miles
    .Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight  An Illustrated History of Weaponry in the
    Middle Ages
Foster, Joseph

    .The Dictionary of Heraldry  Fuedal Coats of Arms and Pedigrees
Gies, Frances
[All books]
    .Life in a Medieval Castle
    .The Knight In History
Hopkins, Andrea
    .Knights  The Complete Story of the Age of Chivalry, From Historical Fact to Tales
     of Romance and Poetry.
Klucina, Petr
    .Armor From Ancient To Modern Times
Oakeshott, Ewart

    .A Knight and His Castle
Sancha, Sheila
    .The Castle Story
Smith, A. G.
    .Knights in Armor Paper Dolls
Turnbull, Stephen
    .The Book of the Medieval Knight
Uden, Grant

    .A Dictionary of Chivalry
Warner, Philip

    .The Medieval Castle

Medieval Churches and Abbeys

Bottomley, Frank [Both books]
    .The Abbey Explorer's Guide
    .The Church Explorer's Guide
Cruden, Stewart
    .Scottish Abbeys  An Introduction to the medieval Abbeys and Priories of Scotland
Duckett, Eleanor Shipley
    .The Gateway To The Middle Ages  Monasticism
Hutton, Graham & Cook, Olive
    .English Parish Churches

Yeoman, Peter

    .Pilgrimage In Medieval Scotland


Jones, Gwyn

    .A History of the Vikings
Landstrom, Bjorn
The Ship
Ritchie, Anna
    .Viking Scotland

Herbs/Medieval Medicine/Medicine

Balch, James F., M.D. & Balch, Phyllis A., C.N.C.
    .Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Buchman, Dian Dincin
    .The Complete Herbal Guide to Natural Health & Beauty
Clayman, Charles B., MD
    .Home Medical Encyclopedia

Cunningham, Scott

    .Cunnigham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs
Darwin, Tess

    .The Scots Herbal
Getz, Faye
    .Healing & Society in Medieval England
    .Medicine in the English Middle Ages
Jacobs, Betty E. M.
    .Growing & Using Herbs Successfully
Lust, John
    .The Herb Book
Mills, Simon Y.
    .The Dictionary of Modern Herbalism
Potterton, David

    .Culpeper's Color Herbal
Prevention Magazine
    .New Encyclopedia of Common Diseases
    .The Complete Book of Natural & Medicinal Cures
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair
    .The Old English Herbals
Shaudy, Phyllis V.
    .Herbs  1001 Gardening Questions Answered
Tierra, Michael    C.A., N.D.
    .TheWay of Herbs
Thomas, Clayton L.  [M.D., M.P.H.]
    .Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Tyler, Varro E. Ph.D.
    .The Honest Herbal

Vickery, Donald M. [M.D.] and Fries, James F. [M.D.]
    .Take Care of Yourself  The Complete Illustrated Guide to Medical Self-Care

Fey, Druids, Stone Circles, Witchcraft & Mythology

Adler, Margot
    .Drawing Down the Moon

Briggs, Katherine
    .An Encyclopedia of Fairies
Buckland, Raymond
    .Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft

    .Scottish Witchcraft  The History & Magic of the Picts
Burl, Aubrey

    .Great Stone Circles
Campbell, Joseph with Moyers, Bill
    .The Power of Myth

Cunningham, Scott

    .Cunnigham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs
Devereux, Paul
    .Places of Power  Measuring the secret energy of ancient sites

Ellis, Peter Berresford

    .The Druids
Hamilton, Edith
    .Mythology  Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Harrison, Jane E.
    .Ancient Art and Ritual
Hawkins, Gerald S.
    .Stonehenge Decoded
Hope, Murry
    .The Ancient Wisdom of The Celts
Keyes, Ken jr.
    .Handbook to Higher Consciousness

ackenzie, Donald A.
    .Scottish Fairy Tales
Matthews, Caitlin & John

    .Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom  A Celtic Shaman's Sourcebook
McNeill, F. Marian

    .The Silver Bough Volume One Scottish Folk-Lore and Folk Belief
Mella, Dorothee L.

    .Stone Power
*Excellent book!
    .Love Is In The Earth  A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals

Nadal, Laurie, Ph.D., Haims, Judy, & Stempson, Robert
    .Sixth Sense
Piggot, Stuart

    .The Druids

    .How To Create A New Identity
Applegate, Rex Col.
    .Kill Or Get Killed  *Excellent book!
Artwhol, Alexis, Dr. & Christensen, Loren W.
    .Deadly Force Encounters
Bintliff, Russell
    .Police Procedural  a writer's guide to the police and how they work
Benson, Ragnar [This book is ok.  I wouldn't spend $ again for it though.]
    .Ragnar's Guide to Interviews, Investigations, and Interrogations
Chase, Elaine Raco * Wingate, Anne
    .Amateur Detectives  a writer's guide to how private citizens solve criminal cases
Cooper, Lynda Sue
    .True Blue
Corvasce, Mauro V. & Paglino, Joseph R.
    .Murder One  a writer's guide to homicide
Cyriax, Oliver
    .Crime An Encyclopedia
*D.E.A. Narcotics Investigator's Manual
    -No author given
De Becker, Gavin
    .The Gift of Fear
Douglas, John and Olshaker, Mark
    .Mind Hunter  Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit
    .The Anatomy of Motive
    .Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Goddard, Donald
    .Undercover  The Secret Lives of a Federal Agent
Gray, Henry F.R.S
    .Gray's Anatomy
Gross, Linden
    .Surviving A Stalker
Kelleher, Michael D. and Kelleher C. L.
    .Murder Most Rare
Hazelwood, Roy & Michaud, Stephen G.*All books are excellent!
    .Dark Dreams  Sexual Violence, Homicide, and the Criminal Mind
    .The Evil That Men Do

Levine, Michael
    .Deep Cover  The Inside Story of How DEA Infighting, Incompetence and
     Subterfuge Lost Us the Biggest Battle of the Drug War

Lewis, Dorothy Otnow M.D.
    .Guilty By Reason of insanity  A Psychiatrist Explores The Minds Of Killers *This is
     an excellent book and I highly recommend it!

Lieberman, David J. PH.D.
    .Never Be Lied To Again
Mactire, Sean
    .Malicious Intent  a writer's guide to how murders, robbers, rapists and other
     criminals think
MacYoung, Marc "Animal"
[All Books]
    .A Professional's Guide To Ending Violence Quickly
    .Cheap Shots, Ambushes, and other Lessons  A Down and Dirty Boon on
     Streetfighting and Survival
    .Street E&E    Evading, Escaping, and Other Ways to Save Your Ass When Things
     Get Ugly
Moffatt, Gregory K.
***Anything written by Dr. Moffatt is EXCELLENT!
    .A Violent Heart: Understanding Aggressive Individuals
    .Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels
Newton, Michael
    .Armed And Dangerous  a writer's guide to weapons
Page, David W.  [M.D.]
    .Body Trauma  a writer's guide to wounds and injuries
Philbin, Tom
    .Cop Speak  The lingo of Law Enforcement And Crime

Pistone, Joseph D. with Woodley, Richard
    .Donnie Brasco  My Undercover Life In The Mafia

Piven, Joshua and Borgenicht, David

    .The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
Reiser, Martin Ed.D.
    .The Police Department Psychologist
Ressler, Robert K. and Schtman, Tom
.I Have Lived In The Monster
    .Whoever Fights Monsters
Ressler, Robert K., Burgess, Ann W. & Douglas, John E.
    .Sexual Homicide  Patterns and Motives
Roth, Martin

    .The Writer's Complete Crime Reference Book
Sachs, Jessica Snyder
Scott, Robert [P.I.]
    .The Investigator's Little Black Book 3
Simon, David
    .Homicide  [A Year On The Killing Streets]
Simon, Robert I.  [M.D.]
    .Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream
*Shooter's Bible
Snow, Robert L.  [Captain]

    .Stopping A Stalker
Speziale, Jerry with Seal, Mark *Excellent book!
    .Without A Badge
Stevens, Serita Deborah with Klarner, Anne
    .Deadly Doses  a writer's guide to poisons
Swanson, Charles R., Chamelin, Neil C. & Territo, Leonard
    .Criminal Investigation  Fifth Edition
VanCook, Jerry

    .Going Undercover  [*URL if you're interested in
         finding this book and ordering it.  Mr. VanCook has changed publishers.]
    .Real World Self-Defense
Wilson, Keith D.  [M.D.]
    .Cause of Death  a writer's guide to death, murder & forensic medicine
Wingate, Anne  Ph.D.
    .Scene Of The Crime    a writer's guide to crime-scene investigations


Benveniste, Debra H. M.S.W
    .Diagnosis and Treatement of Sociopaths and Clients With Sociopathic Traits

Birx, Ellen Ph.D., R.N.
    .Healing Zen

Cialdini, Robert B. Ph.D.
    .The Psychology of Persuasion

Corey, Gerald
    .Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Dobson, James C. Dr.
    .Love Must Be Tough

Gray, John Ph.D.
    .What Your Mother Cound't Tell You & Your Father Didn't Know

Pelzer, Dave
    .A Child Called "It"

Keirsey, David & Bates, Marilyn
    .Please Understand Me

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth
    .On Death And Dying

Leman, Kevin DR.
    .The Birth Order Book
Mesich, Kyra Psy.D.
    .The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide  An Alternative Health Answer to Emotional
     Sensitivity & Depression

Myers, David G.
    .Social Psychology sixth edition

Orion, Doreen
    .I Know You Really Love Me  A Psychiatrist's Journal Of Erotomania, Stalking, And
     Obsessive Love

Tannen, Deboray Ph.D.
    .You Just Don't Understand  Women and Men in Conversation

Wekstein, Louis
    .Handbook of Suicidology

Yancy, Philip
    .What's So Amazing About Grace


Ark, Laurine
    .Writing From The Exterior
Balkin, Richard
    .How to Understand & Negotiate A Book Contract or Magazine Agreement
Barzun, Jacques
    .Modern American Usage  A Guide
Bickham, Jack M.
[All books]
    .Setting  How to create and sustain a sharp sense of time and place in your fiction
    .Scene & Structure  How to construct fiction with scene-by-scene flow, logic and
    .Writing Novels That Sell
Brohaugh, William
    .Wright Tight  How to Keep Your Prose Sharp, Focused and Concise
Browne, Renni and King, Dave
    .Self-Editing For Fiction Writers  How To Edit Yourself Into Print
Burack, A. S.
    .The Writer's Handbook
Burnham, Sophy

    .For Writer's Only    Inspiring thoughts on the exquisite pain and heady joy of the
     writing life, from its great practitioners
Byrnes, Tom
    .Writing Bestselling True Crime and Suspense
Cameron, Julia

    .The Artist's Way    A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Campbell, Joseph

    .The Hero With A Thousand Faces
Castilaw, Diane
    .Court Reporting  Grammar and Punctuation 2d Edition
Cheney, Theodore A. Rees
    .Getting The Words Right  How to Rewrite, Edit & Revise
Cosman, Madeleine Pelner,
    .Medieval Wordbook
Cowden, Tami D., LaFever, Caro, Viders, Sue
    .The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines  Sixteen Master Archetypes
Curtis, Richard
    .How To Be Your Own Literary Agent
Dibel, Ansen
    .Plot  How to build short stories and novels that don't sag, fizzle, or trail off in
     scraps of frustrated revision--and how to rescue stories that do
Dixon, Debra
    .Goal, Motivation & Conflict  The Building Blocks of Good Fiction
Edelstein, Linda N.  [Ph.D.]
    .The Writer's Guide to Character Traits
Edelstein, Scott
    .Manuscript Submission
Fernald, James C.  [L.H.D.]
    .Synonyms, Antonyms, and Prepositions
Fisk, Robert Hartwell
    .Dictionary of Concise Writing  Thousands of alternatives to wordy phrases
Fowler, H. W.
    .A Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Fowler, Ramsey H.
    .The Little, Brown Handbook
Frey, James N.
    .How To Write A Damn Good Novel
Gilman, Mary Louise

    .One Word, Two Words, Hyphen-ated?
Goldberg, Natalie
[Both books]
    .Wild Mind  Living The Writer's Life
    .Writing Down The Bones
Fernald, James C. L.H.D
    .Funk & Wagnalls Standard Handbook of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Prepositions

Fowler, Ramsey H.
    .The Little Brown Handbook
Hayden, G. Miki
    .Writing The Mystery
Hodges, John C. and Whitten, Mary E.
    .Harbrace College Handbook
Keats, John
    .The Poems of John Keats

Keirsey, David & Bates, Marilyn
    .Please Understand me  Character & Temperment Types
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
    .The Writer's Guide To Everyday Life in the Middle Ages  The British Isles from
     500 to 1500
Kilpatrick, James J.
   .The Writer's Art
Kremer, John
    .1001 Ways to Market Your Books
Krentz, Jayne Ann
    .Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women  Romance Writers on the Appeal of
Kress, Nancy
    .Beginnings, Middles & Ends  How to get your stories off to a roaring start, keep
     them tight and crisp throughout, and end them with a wallop
Marshall, Evan
    .The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing  A 16-step program guaranteed to take you
     from idea to completed manuscript
Martin, Rhona
    .Writing Historical Fiction  Second Edition
McCutcheon, Marc
    .Building Believable Characters
McKee, Robert
    .Story    Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting
Mernit, Billy
    .Writing The Romantic Comedy
Noble, William
    .Conflict, Action & Suspense  How to pull readers in and carry them along with
     dramatic, powerful storytelling
Norman, Teresa
    .Names through the Ages
Nuwer, Hank
    .How To Write Like An Expert About Anything
Obstfeld, Raymond
    .Crafting Scenes
Ochoa, George and Osier, Jeffrey
    .The Writer's Guide to Creating a Science Fiction Universe
O'Connor, Johnson
    .English Vocabulary Builder
Pauldan, Eve
    .Romance Writer's Pink Pages
Peck, Robert Newton
    .Fiction is Folks  How to Create Unforgettable Characters
Pianka, Phyllis Taylor
    .How To Write Romances
Provost, Gary
[All books]
    .Beyond Style  Mastering the Finer Points of Writing
    .How To Tell A Story  The Secrets Of Writing Captivating Tales
    .How To Write & Sell True Crime
    .Make Your Words Work
Rasley, Alicia

    .The Story Within Guidebook
Rawson, Hugh
    .Wicked Words  A Treasury of Curses, Insults, Put-Downs, and Other Formerly
     Unprintable Terms from Anglo-Saxon Times To The Present
Ray, Robert J.
    .The Weekend Novelist
Reeves, Judy
    .A Writer's Book of Days
Robbins, Anthony
    .Awaken The Giant Within
    .Unlimited Power

Roth, Martin
    .The Writer's Partner for Fiction Television and Screen
Sabin, William A.
    .The Gregg Reference Manual
Smith, James V.  [Jr.]
    .Fiction Writer's Brainstormer
Stillman, Anne
    .Grammatically Correct    The Writer's Essential Guide to punctuation, spelling,
     style, usage and grammar
Sullivan, Nancy
    .The Treasury of American Poetry

Swain, Dwight V.

    .Techniques Of The Selling Writer
Troyka, Lynn Quitman
    .Handbook for Writers
Turco, Lewis
    .Dialogue  How to get your characters talking to each other in a way that vividly
     reveals who they are, what they're doing, and what's coming next in your story.
Vogler, Christopher

    .The Writer's Journey  Mythic Structure For Storytellers & Screenwriters
Vorhaus, John

    .The Comic Toolbox
Waddell, Marie L.
    .The Art of Styling Sentences  20 Patterns for Success
White E. B. and Strunk, William [Jr.]
    .The Elements of Style
Wood, Monica
    .Description  How to engage readers and keep stories moving by creating vivid,
     believable depictions of people, places, events and actions
Woolley, Persia
    .How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction
Writer's Digest
    .Handbook of Novel Writing  Practical advice and instruction for creating the
     novel--from first idea to plots and subplots to outlining and writing to contacting
     and working with ideas.


Balch, James F., M.D. & Balch, Phyllis A., C.N.C
    .Prescription for Nutritional Healing
Birx, Ellen  [Ph.D., R.N.]
    .Healing Zen
Canfield, Jack & Hansen, Mark Victor
    .The Aladdin Factor
Coggins, Jack
    .Arms And Equipment of the Civil War
Croix, Horst de la & Tansey, Richard G.
    .Art Through The Ages

Gray, John  [Ph.D.]
    .Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus
Keats, John
    .The Poems Of John Keats
James, Ruth B. DVM
    .How To Be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes)
Morris, Michele
    .The Cowboy Life
Peterson, Roger Tory
    .A Field Guide To The Birds East of the Rockies
Ruth, B. James [DVM]
    .How To Be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes)
Self, Margaret Cabell
    .The Horseman's Encyclopedia
Smith, Jean
    .The Beginner's Guide To Zen Buddhism
Tannen, Deborah [Ph.D.]
    .You Just Don't Understand  Women and Men in Conversation
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